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Deadlines and form of financial statements preparation for 2018

The preparation of financial statements of Polish capital companies (sp. z o.o. and S.A.) is connected with the fulfillment of a number of statutory requirements as regards the form, manner of signing and dates of submission. The recent amendments to the regulations caused quite a stir among entrepreneurs, especially foreigners operating in one of the forms provided for in the Polish Commercial Companies Code.

Below we present basic information on the preparation and submission of financial statements of Polish capital companies, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, for 2018. They will be useful primarily for foreigners who act as board members in Polish companies.

The dates specified in the tables are based on the assumption that the financial year in the company, according to its Articles of Association, coincides with the calendar year, i.e. the last day of the period for which the company should submit its report will be December 31, 2018.

Preparation and submission of financial statements for 2018
Name of the document Deadline for preparation Form Signatories Way of signing Deadline for submission
Financial statement 31.03.2019 Electronic form – in .xml format and in logical structure provided by the Ministry of Finance All members of the management board and the person preparing the report (accountant) Electronic signature
trusted profile ePUAP
Board report on operations 31.03.2019 Electronic form – in a text file of any format All members of the board Electronic signature
trusted profile ePUAP
Resolution of shareholders’ meeting on approval of the financial statement 30.06.2019 Written form Shareholders Handwritten signature 15.07.2019

The financial statements and the board report on operations drawn up after October 1, 2018 may be signed only in one of the following ways:
– using the trusted ePUAP profile or
– qualified electronic signature.

More information on obtaining electronic signatures and creating a trusted ePUAP profile can be found on our blog at the following link:

After preparation and signing of the financial statements and other documents indicated above, they must be submitted to the Repository of Financial Documents via the Internet. From 1 April 2019, thanks to the amendment of the Act on the National Court Register, submission of documents to the Repository can also be made by a professional attorney (attorney at law, legal counsel).

If, however, the management board decides to submit a report to the Repository by itself, then all members of the company’s board will have to sign the signature either with an electronic signature or by trusted ePUAP profile. In addition, each member of the board should first obtain a PESEL number, an application for granting of which can be submitted by a proxy. After submitting to the Repository, the financial report is also automatically sent to the tax office.

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