New regulations on cosmetics market in Poland

On January 1st, 2019 the new provisions on Polish act on cosmetic products will enter into force. The new law will drastically change the situation of entities operating on cosmetics market in Poland, which was valued on almost EUR 4.0 billions. 


One of the most important changes introduced by new law is possibility to prepare and present the part of product documentation in English (the Polish legislation indicated that English is a language commonly known for Polish authorities). Simultaneously, the duty of describing the labels of products introduced to Polish market in Polish language remain unchanged. Moreover, the new act establishes the Information System on Serious Undesirable Effects Caused by Usage of Cosmetic Products. The System will be administered by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. 


The supervision on enforcement the new provision will be done by State Sanitary Institute and Trade Inspection. The fines for preaching the new provisions will be related to the value of products or potential profits from their sale and can reach PLN 100.000. 

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