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Labor inspection areas in year 2023

At the end of each year, the National Labor Inspectorate publishes an action plan for the next calendar year. This plan indicates on which areas of inspection the NLI plans to focus, as well as what number of inspections is planned for the new year. This plan is important not only from the point of view of labor inspectors, but also for employers who, thanks to its assumptions, can find out which industries will be subject to special inspections and which areas of their own activity they should pay more attention to.

Increased number of controls

The National Labor Inspectorate plans to increase the number of inspections compared to the number of controls carried out in 2022. This year, according to the plan, the National Labor Inspectorate is to carry out about 60,000 inspections – which is more about 8,000 more than in the previous year. The Inspection also intends to increase the number of non-inspection activities, i.e. activities in the field of accident prevention and promotion of labor protection. Approximately 35,000 entities are to be covered by such activities.

Key strategies

The 2023 Action Plan is part of the Labor Inspectorate’s three-year plan for 2022-2024. This plan assumes three key strategies from the point of view of labor inspectors:

inspection and preventive measures in the construction sector – means an increased number of inspections at construction sites, in particular inspections aimed at preventing accidents at work;

increased supervision over workplaces – this strategy assumes the control of workplaces from various industries, primarily those with high accident rates and where employees work with factors harmful to health;

controlling hazards caused by chemical agents in the working environment – includes inspections of compliance with OHS regulations in workplaces where chemical agents are used or produced, as well as in workplaces where high concentrations of chemical agents have been found;

Other control areas

In 2023, the National Labor Inspectorate plans to focus its activities also on other important inspection areas, such as:

– health & safety at work;

– legality of employment of foreigners;

– control of illegal work;

– control of temporary work;

– compliance with regulations restricting trade on Sunday;

– the use of civil law contracts instead of employment contracts;

– correct payment of salaries.

The Labor Inspectorate also announces that after the introduction of new regulations on remote work to the Polish Labor Code, employers will also be inspected on the application of the new regulations.

The increased number of inspections by the National Labor Inspectorate will certainly be a challenge for employers, especially those running large workplaces. The indicated areas of inspection are only a starting point for labor inspectors and inspections in other areas of operation can also be expected.

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