PNR Amendment 1

Polish PNR Act Amendment Act

The Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (‘Ministry’) has filed to Polish Parliament the draft bill amending the Polish Passenger Flight Data Processing Act (hereinafter ‘Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act’). It shall be underlined that the Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act is being processing in urgent fast track, without public consultations. Interestingly the Ministry justified urgent mode by invoking to necessity of help to aviation industry being in difficulties after COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly on 23 December 2021 the Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act has been passed to Commission in Polish Parliament for the first reading. It is expected that the new regulation may be approved by First Chamber of Polish Parliament (Sejm) in very short perspective – possibly even in January 2022.

Key Facts about Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act

  • Introducing new 5-year statute of limitations period for new PNR infringements.
  • For the PNR infringements that are not time barred at the day of entry into force of the Draft of Amendment 1 to PNR Act extension of recent 3-years statute of limitations up to 5-year. 
  • Decentralization of powers to impose penalties for PNR infringements by granting such powers also to commanders of the local divisions of border guard.
  • Introducing unlimited and unrestricted power to combine multiple cases within one procedure (one case) and subsequently issue one decision concerning many infringements (e.g. allowing to run one case and issue one decision for 100 or more PNR flights).
  • Immediate entry into force without any adaptation period !

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