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    Dear Client,

    below please find a set of questions, which are commonly being asked by Polish commercial banks in the KYC (Know Your Client) procedure, which is essential to open a bank account for Companies in Poland.

    Please answer these questions in as much detail as possible, as without detailed answers the process of opening bank account for your Company may become hindered.

    Please keep in mind, that the banks may ask some other, more specific questions which aren't included in the questionnaire. We will inform you about them via e-mail.

    If you check yes please, specify in which currencies are you going to open other bank accounts

      In order to draft Articles of Association (or deed of incorporation in case of single member companies) of the new company and plan the corporate governance, we need to gather some details about the future shape of the company. Please do you best to fill out this form, nevertheless if you encounter any problem please feel free to write or call our lawyer.

      In order to start the above services, we would ask you to fulfill the separate banking questionnaire available here which includes the most typical information required by the banks.

      When deciding on the shape of a new company, please pay attention to the high-risks countries, in order to minimize the risk of refusal to open an account by the bank. Before setting up a new company, check the lists of high-risks countries here

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