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Company and employees relocation from Ukraine to Poland

Safety in Poland

Safety is still fully preserved despite war behind eastern borders of Poland. Stability of economic and political situation of Poland remains untouched. Polish cities became the new destination of companies and immigrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Poland is benefiting from membership in NATO as Easter borders are protected by NATO forces and in particular by US military forces.

Company relocation to Poland

Entrepreneurs from countries suffering from war are intensely relocating the companies from Ukraine to neighboring locations. Poland appears to be one of the most reasonable alternatives.

Company relocation from Ukraine to Poland

There is no technical and legal measure to transfer the company from Ukraine directly to Poland. Nevertheless, a similar effect may be achieved by recreation of the structures in Poland. The Polish legal system provides a number of incentives and simplifications allowing to restart operations of your business in Poland. Incorporation of a company in Poland takes few days. There is not much selection of legal forms of the company, as almost hundred percent of the business relocations to Poland are executed in the form of limited liability company.

Capital injection and assess transfer from Ukraine to Poland may encounter number of practical problems. However from Polish legal perspective there are no obstacles to reflect them quickly in the accounts of the new company. Cash maybe contributed towards share capital or via shareholder loan.

Corporate and immigration advisory regarding business relocation from Ukraine to Poland

Our corporate lawyers along with immigration lawyers are intensely advising to entrepreneurs intending to transfer their companies from Ukraine to Poland. Inquires may be directed to Michal Dudkowiak or to [email protected]

Relocation of employees from Ukraine to Poland

So far Polish government has not presented any dedicated program for war expats from Ukraine. Nevertheless, already existing simplifications may be used to bring the employees from Ukraine to Poland in reasonable time perspective and without overly bureaucratic procedure.

There are two beneficial forms of relocating employees from Ukraine to Poland:

  • Poland Business Harbor Program
  • Work Entrustment Program

Relocation of Ukrainian employees to Poland via Poland Business Harbor Program

Your foreign company or your new company in Poland may join PBH program. Our immigration attorneys are assisting in quick enrolment process. Once your company is a part of PBH program it will be eligible to issue invitations to your Ukrainian employees, based on which they will be able to obtain 1 year Polish working visa. Such visas are issues in independent, fast track.

Relocation of Ukrainian employees to Poland via Work Entrustment Program

Ukrainian citizens are benefiting from work entrustment program, which is a simplified procedure allowing them to work in Poland for the period up to 2 years without valid work and residence permit. The sole basis for work is the statement of work entrustment issued by the Polish company. Our immigration attorneys are advising as how to properly use the program.

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