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Debt collection courts in Warsaw:

Debt collection lawsuits in Warsaw shall be lodged to:

  • For small claims (up to 17.500 EUR) (depending of discrict):
    • District Court for Warsaw-Mokotow — Street Ogrodowa 51a, Warsaw; or
    • District Court for Capital City of Warsaw — Street Marszałkowska 82, Warsaw; or
    • District Court for Warsaw-Center — Street Marszałkowska 82, Warsaw; or
    • District Court for Warsaw-Wola — Street Kocjana 3, Warsaw; or
    • District Court for Warsaw -Żoliborz — Street Kocjana 3, Warsaw.
  • For other claims:
    • Circuit Court of Warsaw: Al. Solidarności 127, 00-898 Warsaw; or Czerniakowska 10, 000-454 Warsaw (depending on department)

Warsaw debt collection expenses:

At some stage of debt collection, it might turn out, that filling a lawsuits is the only option. Every client shall be aware that filling a court lawsuit in Poland requires to cover the court fees of

  • 5 % of the dispute sum or
  • 1,25 % of the dispute sum if the client is in possession of debt recognition document

If the case is won, the court orders, the defeated party to refund court fees to the wining party.

Assets check in Warsaw — prior to debt collection:

Prior to debt collection it may be reasonable to check assets of Warsaw based debtor. In order to do this you may review:

  • Company financial statements:
    • Polish Company Register — Czerniakowska 10, 000-454 Warsaw
  • Real Estate register:
    • in relevant departments of all above listed Warsaw District Courts.

Prior to commencing debt collection in Warsaw:

Prior to commencing debt collection in Warsaw and  suing a debtor in relevant court in Warsaw it is reasonable to undertake following actions:

  • check existance and goodstanding of your Warsaw debtor,
  • check debtors official address for deliveries as, in some circumstances, letters may be only effective if thy were delivered to that official address,
  • check if the contract with your Warsaw debtor does not have jurisdiction clause excluding jurisdiction of Polish or Warsaw Courts,
  • check if your claims against Warsaw debtor are still within the limitation periods.

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