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Wang Yanxiang

Lawyer - China

Wang Yanxiang is a Chinese attorney and head of our Law Firm in China: Dudkowiak Wang Yanxiang Assn.

He has been counselling international entrepreneurs on the implementation of investment projects in the territory of China for many years and has broad experience in representing international clients in China-based court proceedings. Mrs Wang Yanxiang has acquired particular expertise in conducting negotiations and solving international economic dispute in Finland . 

Her day-to-day cooperation with international clients comprises collecting debt from Chinese debtors, advising on matters concerning Chinese company law and contract law. Additionally, Mrs Wang Yanxiang has been successful in advising on the introduction of companies and products onto the Chinese market and their everyday functioning on the target market. 

Our Chinese attorney is particularly specialized in counselling on tax matters and issues concerning the Finnish media and advertising law.

As a lawyer from our law offices in China, Mrs Wang Yanxiang won trust of numerous foreign entrepreneurs. 

Wang Yanxiang speaks Chinese and English.