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A new reality? Changes in the operation of consulates for Ukrainians in Poland

Due to the prolonged conflict in Ukraine and the prioritization of the country’s protection, the Ukrainian authorities have decided to temporarily suspend consular services for its citizens, especially men capable of military service.

Some consulates, including those of Poland, have ceased to accept applications and documents from Ukrainian men who meet the conscription criteria.

What changes are taking place in consular services for Ukrainians?

According to publicly available information, some consulates (including Poland) have stopped accepting applications and documents from Ukrainian men who meet the conscription criteria.

What caused these changes?

The decision follows the introduction of the Mobilization Law in Ukraine. Under its provisions, consular opportunities for men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been significantly restricted.

The only service available to them is to obtain a document allowing them to return to Ukraine for possible mobilization.

What are the implications for Ukrainians in Poland?

Experts on migration law declare that the above-described impediments will not cause Ukrainian citizens subject to mobilization to return to the country to fulfill their military obligation.

Yes, the lack of a valid national passport at first glance seems like a no-win situation for a foreigner during his stay in Poland. However, in case of loss of its validity, one can apply for a so-called Poland travel document for a foreigner.

In the event that a Ukrainian national passport expires, the individual may apply for a Polish travel document for a foreigner, which is valid for one year.

What is a Poland travel document for a foreigner?

This document allows a foreigner to travel abroad, but only for a period of one year. Citizens of Ukraine can apply for it only on the basis of the following valid documents:

  • permanent residence permits,
  • EU long-term resident permits,
  • temporary residence permit granted in connection with the possession of a so-called humanitarian visa,
  • complementary protection,
  • Consent to stay for humanitarian reasons.

Currently, only Belarusians can apply for a temporary travel document on the basis of a temporary residence permit (regardless of the basis for its issuance). It is known from circulating information that a similar change is planned for Ukrainian citizens – however, there is still no draft act, and therefore no more precise date for the introduction of the said change.

Therefore, it is advisable to apply now to obtain the above-mentioned documents in order to ensure your continued legal stay in Poland and avoid the possible risk of having to return to a war-torn country.

If you need support in obtaining Polish documents for a safe stay in Poland, we recommend you take the help of migration specialists. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, the application process will go smoothly and comprehensively, plus you will get answers to all your questions and concerns.

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